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Channel Glass Melbourne

Channel Glass is the perfect solution for someone who does not like the glass fencing to be obstructed by spigots or posts that normally are in place to hold panels intact and secure. It is our top of the range solution and ideal for anyone who wants the best on the market solution. It works in a way where the glass panels are concealed beneath the surface and creates an illusion where glass panels surfacing from the ground.

How it is done

Channels are created on the surface where concrete is poured and hardened. Once that is done, and then panels are inserted in channels running around your swimming pool or other area. Thereafter, channels are filled and paved to the edge of the glass which will appear as that panels are rising from the ground.

Fencing security

Channel fencing is not to be confused with low quality or in any shape or form associated with compromise for design over quality. While the industry standard for this panels are 12mm thick, personal preference can be added to the thickness of these toughened safety glass.


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