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Resources and regulation

Buying or building a new fence for your pool is a memorable experience. Likewise, it’s important to implement the right safety precautions provided by the government. As drowning is among the leading death of infants in Australia, make sure you are well equipped and always let a professional inspect your final fence. At this page, we have gathered the most important information that we think you should know before you start with your fencing project. If you think we should add some information here, please contact us at  We are a full service Glass Pool Fence Installation company in Melbourne, give us a call for a free estimate – 1300 859 096

We fulfil a verity of different standards amongst them are AS2208 for Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings & AS1926.1 – Swimming Pool Safety. You can have a read about all Australian standards at their website


  • Safety barriers Website: Here

Learn about swimming pool and spa safety barriers


Victoria government pool and spa safety


This is a information sheet from the building commission on Safety barriers for pools in Victoria


The Building Advisory Council (BAC) is a senior industry based advisory group that advises the Minister for Planning on the administration of the Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2006.

A trade association dedicated to improving the industry for builders, consumers, manufacturers and suppliers.


Royal Life Saving is Australia’s largest of water safety website with great tips on how you can increase the safety of your pool.